Now I'm Free
(our newest song, based on Col.2)

Important message for a series on adoption or God's saving work!

I Love You, Lord
(original worship song)

Immortal Invisible/You are God!
(a new version of the old hymn with a brand new chorus added)

Worthy to Be Praised
(an original worship song that can easily be coupled with the old favorite, "Worthy")

Holy Holy is the Lord!
(a simple, upbeat song of praise and adoration - very singable)

Full of His Glory!
(also very simple, but extremely reverent and worshipful song for group worship)

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Not really a 'worship' song, but please take the time to listen to this song about the passing of years called, "The Carousel".
The Carousel

Father's Lament
Inspired by the alleged salvation of mass murderer Jeffrey Daumer.